Alfred Camera Mobile make as Cctv Camera Free vs Pro

AlfredCamera is available for free in the App Store and Google Play Store. As Alfred believes that everyone deserves the peace of mind, we offer many features for free to all users. You may use Alfred’s service on your mobile devices (Android and iOS) and computers, or Alfred’s AlfredCam with free setup charge and subscription. 

If you’d like to access advanced features that offer more security, please subscribe

 to the monthly or yearly Alfred Premium plan. To help you know more details about Alfred Premium, this table will help you determine which of these meets your needs. 

Features and Subscription Plans

Features and Subscription Plans

Alfred Free

Alfred Premium
Number of devices Unlimited
Manually saved recordings storage Unlimited
Auto-recordings length Up to 30 seconds Pro – Up to 120 seconds
Auto-recordings storage 7 days Pro -14 days (after upgrade)
Low-Light Filter (Night Vision) ✓ ✓
Two-Way Talk ✓ ✓
Flashlight ✓ ✓
Siren ✓ ✓
Camera Health Check ✓ ✓
Google Assistant Integration* ✓ ✓
Motion Detection Reminder* ✓ ✓
Trust Circle ✓ ✓
Viewer Priority* ✓ ✓
Battery Level ✓ ✓
App Lock* ✓ ✓
Open after restart* ✓ ✓
Power-Saving Mode ✓ ✓
Wake up Camera* ✓ ✓
Download single video to local storage ✓ ✓

Pro only
Ad-Free for Life ✓
HD viewing/recording ✓
Zoom ✓
A.I.-Powered Person Detection (Person only) ✓
Multiple videos download ✓
Motion Detection Schedule** ✓

  • = Only available on Android devices
    ** = Currently not supported on WebViewer 👉🏼 To subscribe to Alfred Premium, simply tap the top of the home screen.