Reasons to Avoid Nulled WordPress Themes and Plugins


During your search for WordPress tools, you might have come across nulled WordPress themes and plugins. Finding them is as easy as searching on Google and downloading one from a third-party website. You’ll soon have a free theme/plugin to upload to your site. If this seems too good to be true, that’s because it is. They may save you a quick buck in the short term, but nulled WordPress themes and plugins aren’t worth the extra liability you take on by using them.


1. Nulled themes and plugins are a security risk.

2. You won’t receive updates from plugin developers.

3. You won’t receive support.

4. Nulled themes and plugins hurt your SEO.


5. Nulled themes and plugins hurt the user experience.

6. Nulled themes and plugins hurt WordPress developers.

7. Nulled themes and plugins become incompatible with WordPress.

8. Troubleshooting bugs is impossible.