Here’s how to get Remove of the annoying ‘accessibility’ feature on YouTube

If this feature is turned on, then when playing any video on YouTube, 10 \ 10 appears on the right and left
side of the screen.
This allows the video to be moved 10 seconds forward or backward

It will not be removed by tapping on any part of the screen to remove it.
The only option to remove it is to tap on the cross icon at the top right.

In this way, it is natural to feel annoyed while tapping and removing from time to time.
Today we will show you how to remove it from the screen forever.

  • For that, first go to YouTube.
  • Then tap where your profile icon appears in the upper right.
  • Then go to settings.
  • Once there, tap on the last accessibility option.
  • Then turn off accessibility player.
  • After that, while you are watching the video, the accessibility option does not show on the screen.

There is another option if you want to shut down for a while instead of shutting down forever.
It allows you to choose how many seconds after removing the accessibility icon while watching the video.