Patan Academy of Health Sciences (PAHS) Vacancy Announcement 2078


Patan Academy of Health Sciences (PAHS) Vacancy Announcement 2078: As per the agreement obtained from the esteemed Public Service Commission for various vacancies in the academic, technical and administrative services of Patan Academy of Health Sciences, the following posts have to be filled permanently through open and inclusive competition; 21 (twenty-one) years for the post of officer and 18 (eighteen) years for the post of assistant and 42 years for the post of assistant professor in the academic service, 45 years for the post of associate professor, 40 years in the technical service and 35 years in the administrative service. Eligible Nepali citizens are invited to apply online from 2078-11-27 to 2078-12-17 and by paying a double fee till 2078-12-24.

No action will be taken on the application which has not been uploaded online within the stipulated time. If false details are found, the candidate will be held responsible. Educational Qualification, Certificate of Inclusion, Council Registration Certificate, Training, Experience, and Term of Service obtained after the last date of submission of application 2078-12-17 will not be valid.


Scan copies of the following documents should be uploaded online along with the online application.

Certificate of Nepali citizenship clearly understood by both sides
Transcript letter and Character Certificate of Admission and above educational qualification for the advertised post/level.
Certificate of equivalence from Tribhuvan University if studied in a foreign educational institution
Council Registration Certificate of Registration with the concerned Business Council for the posts required
In the case of Adivasi / Janajati: On the basis of the same list of castes listed in Nepal Adivasi “Janajati Utthan Rashtriya Pratisthan Act”, but within the caste listed in Nepal Adivasi “Janajati Utthan Rashtriya Pratisthan Act” if there is more than one caste within the caste listed by Chief District Officer Document certified as a surname
An additional fee will be charged for additional group application (a) Rs. 450 / – for Assistant Professor Level 9 ‘B’ and (b) Senior Staff Nurse Level 7 will be charged Rs.
A recent passport size photo showing both ears
Uploading digital (image / jpg / jpeg / png) copy of candidate’s signature
Written exam fee will have to be submitted to the establishment’s account through Friend Connect IPS within the Application Tab of the application.
Types of Exams: Written and Interview

The written examination will be conducted by the Public Service Commission.
The syllabus of the related post/subject can be downloaded from the website of the institute
Applications for online application can be submitted by visiting the website open and inclusive link.
Candidates who are ineligible to be candidates will not be allowed to submit their application as per Rule 15 of the Rules of Procedure, 2067 (Sixth Amendment) regarding the staff service conditions and facilities of the establishment.
Applications that do not meet the qualifications mentioned in the regulations regarding the terms and conditions of service of the staff of the establishment, 2067 (Sixth Amendment) and the information can be canceled at any time.
Detailed information about the written examination date and examination center and contact date can be viewed and read on the Service Commission’s website
First published date: 2078-11-27