Nagarik Uddyan Pradhikaran Job vacancy

Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (Nepal Nagarik Uddyan Pradhikaran) Information regarding permanent recruitment through open competitive examination.

within 21 (twenty-one) days from the date of issuance of this notice.

(Published date: 2078-11-13)

1) The place to apply is to go to the website of Nepal Civil Aviation Authority: and fill out the Online Application Form.

2) Details regarding application fee: The examination fee will be Rs. 1600 for level 9 and 6, Rs. 1200 for level 7 and 6 and 600 for level 5 and 4. The applicant who submits the application to the inclusive group will also have to pay 50% additional fee of the prescribed fee for the respective level for each additional group. Candidates who apply only in the inclusive group will have to pay an open fee.

3) How to apply online and hand over the application: In the Online Job Application system on the Authority’s website, select the desired advertisement, click Apply Now, and then register the user and fill in all the details related to the advertisement. Application can be submitted after payment.

4) the Last date to apply: 2078-12-03. If there is a public holiday on the last day of application, the application form can be filled by paying the prescribed fee even the next day. The application form can be filled up by paying a double fee up to seven days after the last date of application.

5) Educational Qualification, Certificate of Inclusion, Council Registration Certificate, Training, Experience, and Term of Service obtained after the last date of application 2078-12-03 will not be valid.

6) The written examination will be conducted by the Public Service Commission. The program of written examination will be published later.

7) Age limit: 18 years for assistant level and 21 years for officer level and not exceeding 35 years for men and not exceeding 40 years for women and disabled by the last date of application. Not exceeding 40 years for the post of 8th level and above. There is no age limit for CAAN’s permanently reinstated employees.

8) Should not be disqualified for future service of a government or government-owned institution or authority.

9) Not found guilty by the court in a criminal case showing moral turpitude.

10) Candidates applying for the post of Officer VIII or above should have at least five years of experience in the official service of the Civil Service, Government Service, or University or Teacher Service Organization of the Government of Nepal. However, in the case of a candidate who has obtained a doctorate degree, he/she can be a candidate even if he /she has less than two years of experience.

11) Place of work: Any office under the authority.

12) Nepali citizenship certificate, minimum educational qualification certificate, character certificate (open age), training certificate (if required) should be attached with the application form. When applying for the open competitive examination for the post of level 6 or above, you have to submit the certificate registered in the concerned professional council.

13) In order to determine the equivalence in the case of educational qualification, a certified copy of equivalent determination must be submitted.

14) Application form which has not completed the prescribed procedures will be canceled at any time. NEA will not be obliged to refund the examination fee of the applications which have been canceled in this way.

15) Further information in this regard may be sought from the Administration Department of CAAN Head Office.

Additional documents to be submitted by inclusive candidates:

A) In the Case of Adivasi / Janajati: On the basis of the same list in the case of castes listed in Nepal Adivasi / Janajati Utthan Rashtriya Pratisthan Act, but if there is more than one caste within the caste listed in Nepal Adivasi / Janajati Utthan Rashtriya Pratisthan Act, on the recommendation of the concerned local level chief A copy of the certificate certifying the surname must be submitted with the application.

B) In the case of Madhesi: Document certified as Magheshi by the Government of Nepal by publishing the information in the Nepal Gazette as specified, but the document certified as Madhesi by the Chief District Officer on the recommendation of the concerned local level head must be submitted along with the application.

C) In case of Dalits: In the case of castes listed by the National Dalit Commission on the basis of the same list, but if there are more than one surname within the caste listed by the National Dalit Commission, on the recommendation of the concerned local level chief, documents certified by the Chief District Officer must be submitted with the application.

D) In ​​case of backward areas: Recommendation up to 3 months before the date of filling up the application form for the certificate of citizenship obtained from the district concerned and the document proving permanent residency in the same place from the local level.