Gadak & Suparibekshak Job Vacancy Notice

Gadak & Suparibekshak Job Vacancy Notice published by Central Statistics Bureau Kendriya Tahyanka Bivag. National Agricultural Census 2078 Rastriya Krishi Gadana 2078 Gadak & Suparibekshak Job Vacancy Notice. Information regarding enumerator and supervisor recruitment (online) application form in the contract for National Agricultural Census 2078.

For Gadak- Enumerator- 5023 Nos
Pursuant to Article 24 of the National Agricultural Census Operation and Management Order, 2078, the following qualified Nepali citizens can apply for the enumerator.
Minimum Educational Qualification: Passed 10‌ + 2 (Ten +2) or equivalent.
Age: 18 (eighteen) years completed and 40 (forty) years old by the last date of application. In case of women under 45 (forty five) years.
Priority: Having studied agriculture, animal science or statistics, working experience in national level census and survey, residing in concerned local body, knowledge of local language.

  1. Recently taken passport size torn scan / digital copy,
  2. Scan / digital copy of Nepali citizenship certificate (both sides),
  3. Scan / Digital Copy of Minimum Educational Qualification Certificate (Transcript),
  4. If the candidate wants to mention that he / she has experience in data collection, then scan / digital copy of the document confirming the same should also be uploaded.
  5. The scan / digital copy of the documents to be uploaded by the candidate along with the application should be up to 512 KB maximum and 1024 pixels (1024px).
  6. Candidate can obtain submission number within 7 (seven) days of starting the new form by modifying the required information in such form and submitting it at the end. For this, you have to click on the “Save” button at the bottom of the form and the information can be edited by following the procedure given for editing.
  7. However, once the candidate has filled in the required details in the form and obtained the submission number, such form cannot be edited and re-submitted.
  8. For Apply Click Here