How To Domain On Cloudflare

Add Domain to Cloudflare Account

For your information, blogger requires you to update CNAME records. To update CNAME records, you will need DNS manager which domain registrar generally provides In the case of .np domains, there is no DNS management option. Therefore, we will use this system from third party.

There are multiple ways to manage DNS records. Among these options, managing DNS through Cloudflare is easy, quick and efficient. So, lets gets started with Cloudflare.

To add your domain in Cloudflare, perform the following steps.

After that, it will scan for existing DNS records. You can continue to save these records, if you were previously using this domain in other platforms. For new domain, there will be no records.!

See This For Covid vacation

The Government of Nepal, Ministry of Health & population open a vaccine registration application form for COVID 19. Covid Vaccine registration form open all over Nepal. Interested people above 18 years old are requested to fill this vaccine registration form through online or apps.

  • Covid Vaccine Registration Application Form – Why fill out this form?
  • To get information on which center you want to be vaccinated
  • This is a voluntary, individual application form
  • This form is requested to be filled by persons 18 years of age and above who have not yet been vaccinated.
  • The details obtained from this application form will be used for planning and management related to vaccination at the municipal level
  • This form does not indicate the certainty of vaccination immediately

Click the link below for fill the form