Backup Windows 10 files to Google Drive via Backup and Sync
Backup and Sync is a desktop app for both Windows and macOS users, offered by Google. After installing, you can sync files across local computer and Google Drive automatically. The steps below will show you how to set up Backup and Sync in Windows 10 and let it auto backup Windows 10 to Google Drive:

  1. Download and install Backup and Sync on your computer from Here.
  2. Sign in your Google Account. Then, you will be given the general introduction of this application.

Sign In

  1. On the next screen, the app will prompt you to choose which folders you want to back up. Click “Choose Folder” to select the folder you want to sync. Make your selection and hit “Next”.

Select Folder

  1. On the last screen, choose whether you want to reverse sync your existing Drive files on your computer. Finally, select “SRART” and the syncing will begin. As long as the program is running, all future changes will be automatically synced.
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