DEPROSC Nepal Vacancy

Minimum qualification

+2 Pass
Not working full time in other organizations
To be able to facilitate professional work
Proficiency in social operations and computer applications
Receipt of candidates who have worked as community trainers or local resource persons in the past and concerned ward candidates

Main work, duties and responsibilities

Facilitate the selection of participants
To conduct vocational literacy training at local level for 2 months (2 hours daily, except Saturdays)
Examine the participants before and after the training
To facilitate the participants for business development
Assistance, coordination in monitoring, evaluation and study

Interested persons with the above qualifications and abilities should submit the application, documents proving their qualifications and a copy of Nepali citizenship in the subject matter of the district subject mentioned in or Diprox Nepal Po and No. 10953, Kathmandu or Kisan 2 project central, regional, In cluster and area offices, you will hear the application within 2076.07.15 office hours. Only successful candidates on the preliminary list will be notified for written and interview and will be included in the selection process. Telephone contact is discouraged. It is also informed that the right to select or not to select the candidates or to reject the information related to this requirement is vested in the system. Candidates from women and backward communities will be motivated.